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For Individuals

Eight varieties of our microgreens - Arugula, Bok Choy, Broccoli, Daikon Radish, Kale, Pea Tendrils, Red Mustard, and Sunflower - are available in 5x8" boxes for individuals to purchase. Our microgreens are an essential ingredient for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Find us in markets, stores, and retailers across the NYC, Brooklyn and Long Island.




For Chefs

Our living trays give restaurants the freshest ingredients possible; chefs cut the leaves direct from tray to plate. good water farm's trays are 12"x16” and are daily delivered to restaurants in the Hamptons and the North Fork of Long Island, and across the NYC metro area. Below are some of our most popular varieties. Interested in ordering? We'd love to hear from you! EMAIL REQUEST

how we grow


We grow with certified organic soil, which is specially formulated for the earliest stages of plant growth.


We place all of our seeds in living trays and depending on the variety we allow them to soak before germinating.



We mature the trays in a temperature-controlled room making sure our plants get plenty of fresh air in the process.


Afterwards, we move our microgreens onto rows in greenhouses or under high-watt lighting to ensure the plants get ample light.



Nutrients are provided from the soil we use, and the filtered water. 


We grow. From days to even months, we nurture each microgreen seedling to its fullest potential. Human touch is the secret ingredient.